Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How to Write Compelling Sales Letters for Any Online Business

Sales letters are still a very effective way to generate demand for all sorts of products or services. This is especially true if you already have an opt-in list. However, everyone knows that most people don't like receiving sales pitches in their emails. For your sales letter to be effective in generating demand for the products and services of your online business, there are a couple of steps for you to follow.

Step #1: Determine Your Objective

Before you begin composing your sales letter, be sure you have a clear notion of what your objective is. Think about what exactly you want to communicate and what you hope to achieve with your sales letter.

Step #: Consider Your Target Market

As an online business owner, you should already know the demographics and psychographics of your own target market. Consider their needs and preferences before you begin writing your sales letter. This will help you determine how best to communicate with them.

Step #3: Come Up with a Catch Phrase

Think of a catch phrase that would best describe what you have to offer. Make this the first thing that your reader will see upon opening your sales letter. By making your catch phrase immediately visible, you are more likely to capture the interest of your readers and entice them to read on. A short testimonial may work as well. Just be sure that your catch phrase or your testimonial describes how people can benefit from what you have to offer.

Step #4: Introduce Your Online Business

The next step is to introduce your online business and the purpose of its existence. Take note that it is not your goal to boast about your online business but to detail your objectives in terms of helping other people out. For example, it is better to write about how your online business has helped other entrepreneurs to be successful than about how much profits you generate in a year. Detail the issues of your target market and how it is the goal of your online business to address those issues. Remember that your readers want to know how they can benefit from patronizing your company and not how you are more successful than they are.

Step #5: Describe Your Products and Services

Once you've introduced your online business appropriately, it would be time to introduce the specific products and services that would help solve the issues you've described. Make this part of your sales letter short but be sure it details what benefits your readers can gain from your products and services.

Step #6: Persuade Your Readers to Take Action

At the end of your sales letter, be sure to include a call-to-action statement so your readers will be prompted to make a purchase or, at least, visit your website. To make your call-to-action stronger, you may want to include a time-limited promo. Doing this will encourage your readers to take action quickly.

By following the steps detailed above, you can easily develop effective sales letters for your online business. Once you send it out to your mailing list, you will quickly generate the demand you need for your online business to succeed.

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