Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Twitter or Blogging for Internet Marketing?

Rather than being faced with the choice of whether to use a blog or social networking to promote your website, service or product there is another solution. You can have both your blog and twitter run simultaneously as twitter is mainly a micro blogging site. Twitter supports tweets of user posts on any topic with a maximum of 140 characters and thus can never replace original blogs. A smart internet marketing strategy is to announce to your followers that your original blog had been updated by tweet and derive SEO benefit from combining the use of both platforms.

Now with a basic understanding of what the site is all about, let’s see what is achievable with twitter. After signing up at twitter, update your profile page with your information and website link. You can start posting posts and make it act like a mini advertising blog. You can post at any minute of the day and your post gets updated instantly. Follow fellow bloggers of your niche, can meet new people, post and Retweet other interesting news that you want to share with you followers. Hence the term social networking where members can use the work of others users to help their own profile and marketing agenda.

A good suggestion is to maintain good relationships with fellow twitter users and use it to improve your communication skills. Not even an internet connection is not necessarily needed because twitter has a feature that enables you receive tweets to your mobile and you can also update your posts through your mobile and even IM.

The most common mistakes people make while using twittering are, using auto DM (direct message) feature in the wrong way, spamming the inbox of followers, mass following, posting tweets only to promote their business, not using real profile pictures or vague profile information. Avoid these errors in order to achieve maximum potential from social networking media like twitter.

Irrespective of the increasing widespread usage of twitter, there are also some limitations to twitter. The 140 characters limited text support in each individual post id is obviously the major one. This does not allow posting of very detailed or descriptive posts and also, you are further restricted to using simple code structure to reply to your tweets.

The key to micro blogging is people learning creativity and to be able to appeal to readers from what is only a summarization of the information they wish to convey. For those that master this skill then twitter is going to be amazingly effective for internet marketing purposes. Write short and catchy posts and you can find people retweeting your posts if it’s interesting. Twitter can also be used with most of the IM clients such as yahoo and Google talk. All you need to do is with the help of a few tools, add the id in your friend list and whenever you send an IM, it gets updated as the post to your twitter account.

After time spent in the building followers stage this will now help provide instant promotion to a highly niche targeted list. Twitter can be used for any purpose but always remember to respond to tweets, update your posts, follow people and make good conversation with followers.

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