Sunday, July 26, 2009

Make Money Online by Referring Internet Users to Use HotelsCombined Search Engine

Online there’s tons of money to be made through various product promotions, companies and affiliations. The great thing about online affiliate programs is that you don’t put any money down. If you bring results to your affiliate program you will see the money starts piling in. Recently while searching for my next source of income I came upon Affiliate Program.

I was unsure of the entire process at first but after reading the FAQ it started to come together. is a search engine that lets Internet users to find hotels in many different locations in the world. For every visitor you bring to that clicks through to any travel site listed in, you get 70% commission from the revenue generated.

I wasn’t particularly amazed at first because I’d seen these programs all over the place but I kept reading. Not only do they offer the highest commission out of all such programs but they also provide the largest database online. Their search engine archives over 200,000 hotels in 20,000 different destinations across 195 countries, simply amazing.

It was at this point that my heart began to race; I understood the potential of such a find. This wasn’t going to be a very tough thing to promote. In fact there is no sell involving in making money with this hotel affiliate program. All you do is send visitors to use HotelsCombined to find hotels and visit travel sites. You will make money every time a visitor visits a travel site in to get more details about the hotel that they are looking for. This search engine is without a doubt one of the best, it wasn’t a matter of twisting the truth and tricking people into coming here it was just simply showing them what they were missing out on.

The thing that’s great about is that they pay you for repeat visits. Their 12 month cookies ensure you get paid for all your visitor that comes back to HotelsCombined and click through the traveling sites.

How to direct visitors from your site to

HotelsCombined provide all the tools you need to turn your website into a powerful and strong re-director towards them. They have banners, scripts, deep text links, custom search boxes, data feed and more that you can put them on your site to direct your visitors to HotelsCombined. And each of these marketing tools is highly customizable in terms of size, color and layout.

Another great aspect is their tracking system. They have a reliable, faster or efficient tracking system for you to monitor your performance. Good result comes from tracking and effort on optimization. With the data from the tracking system, you will know what marketing tools are most effective for directing visitors to HotelsCombined and the best locations for displaying the HotelsCombined ads on your site.

If you’re fed up with programs that don’t pay on time, ask for too much, can’t be trusted or don’t even provide the best services then you should switch to They know their program is great; in fact they even recommend you sign up for other affiliate programs just so you can rest assured yourself. It’s written right there in their FAQ!

I’d definitely recommend this to anyone looking to make money online using a trusted, secure and reliable affiliate program. Especially those who run traveling or hotel websites, this affiliate program is definitely worth a test. Who know it might become your biggest source of online income.

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