Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Money Making Opportunities Using Paypal

Guest post by Anil Gupta

Paypal is the fastest, most secured and most used method for sending and receiving money on internet. It’s really hard to find a website or business online that don’t use paypal as a mode of transferring money. So we are losing lots of money making opportunities if we don’t have a paypal account. You should go for a Premier or Business account on Paypal if you are serious about making money online using Paypal.

Here are some ways we guys can increase our online earnings to great extent if we have a paypal account:

Paid blogging websites – I have been a big fan of paid to blog websites as these websites gives us the opportunity to earn cash instantly. Some of popular get paid to blog networks are ReviewMe, SponsoredReviews, Smorty, Blogsvertise, Payperpost etc. Most of paid blogging websites send money on monthly basis, but there are some websites even who send money to all qualified bloggers on fortnightly (SponsoredReviews) or even on weekly basis (Smorty). So you are going to miss this big money making opportunity if you don’t have a paypal account.

Paid survey websites – As we all know, paid surveys are supposed to be the easiest and most recommended method when we talk about making money online whether we have a website or not. But there are some survey filling websites that never pays to their members who helps them earn millions of dollar for free. There are some websites even which ask some kind of registration fees from their members for taking surveys. I would not love to go for such websites that demands any kind of money from my end for taking surveys. Good thing about the survey filling websites that actually pays via paypal, check or directly into your bank account.

Text link selling websites – You have a good chance of making money by selling text link ads on your blogs if you have a blog with some decent page rank good number of backlinks. Some of popular text link selling marketplace are Text link ads,, Teliad, etc. Most of these websites send all payments via paypal or check. Good thing while accepting payments via paypal is that it is credited into our paypal accounts very fastly compared to other mode of payments like Check.

Direct advertisements – it comes into play if you have a famous blog in any niche. I himself have been selling some direct advertisements on my blog and have been accepting all payments into my paypal account.

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