Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ways of Making Money Online

Guest post by Zamir

Making good amount of money online is no longer a dream now.It has become a reality and people who are prepared to devote their time and are persistent & patient make handsome amount of money from their websites and blogs.Following are some popular methods to make money online.

Earn money from Google Adsense
Most popular way to make money online is by Google adsense.When the blog/website gets popular and get good amount of visitors then the owner of the blog/website can get registered free with advertisers like Google adsense.Once Google adsense approve the blog or website then the blog/website owner gets html code from google adsense which he/she has to put in places where he wants the advertisements to appear in his/her blog.When the blog visitor clicks on the advertisements then blog or website owner gets paid by Google.

Earn money by affiliate programs
Affiliate programs involves promotion of a product or service in your website/blog.First of all blog/website owner has to search for websites like clickbank that are offering affiliate programs and get registered with these websites free.Once registered these websites provide blog/website owner html code containing a purchase link which the blog owner has to put at a place where he wants that "purchase" link to appear.When blog/website visitor clicks on these links and buy anything then blog website owner gets paid a commision.

Earn money by selling your services
make a website or blog where you provide all the information about your field of expertise and your experience in the field with some testimonials.These field could be web designing,data entry,web hosting,internet marketing etc.Promote this website or blog heavily.Interested people who want your services will visits your site/blog,will contact you and will let you know about kind of services they require from you with payment details.

Earn money from "Get paid to complete offers" websites
There are many websites like cashcrate that offer you money for completing offers like surfing web,reading emails,completing surveys,accepting trial offers etc.Many of these websites also offer a referal program in which you have to refer your friends or relatives to that website and when they earn money from completing offers you will get paid commision from that.

Earn money from website or blog sponsorship
Website or blog sponsorship includes receiving advertisements from advertisers and placing them in your blog or website for a certain time frame and getting paid a fixed payment at the end of that selected time frame.Advertisers prefer only that website/blog for sponsorship that receives heavy traffic so in order to get advertisers to sponsor your blog/website it should be very popular and should receive good amount of visitors.

Earn money by completing Surveys
many sites like survey savvy pay you for completing have to get registered with them.Once registered you will receive surveys containing some general as well as some specific questions about a product or service.When you complete a survey you will get paid for that. Frequency of surveys that you get depends upon your geographical location.

Author Bio:
Zamir is an MBA (finance) graduate.He loves writing useful blogs for bloggers.His blogs give useful information to people about new money making opportunities from websites and blogs.His blogs can be found at Make money online the easy way. He writes on topics such as Online Money Making Opportunities,Backlinks, SEO, Page Rank,Blog Traffic,Money From Blogs etc.

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