Sunday, October 11, 2009

Six Ways to Keep Your Blog Readers

If you publish a blog it is very important to get visitors to come to it, but it is also important to get repeat visitors. You could attract people to visit everyday and leave comments. This way, you build up a following and have loyal and trusted fans that are going to be very beneficial for making money online. It is also these people who can help you to increase traffic by spreading information about your blog to friends and family members and getting them to also visit your blog. Also, research has shown that if you are selling something, it is the repeat visitors who are more likely to buy an item from you. So you have got to keep them coming. Here you will learn seven easy ways to get those repeat visitors and to keep them as well.

ONE: Have Regular Updates
If you have a very haphazard way of publishing to your blog then people will not know when they visit if there will be new content or whether it will be the same stuff again. Try to develop a policy where you write, if not daily, then at least a few times a week. Stick to the regular times, and even say on your blog that you will update every Tuesday or twice a week. People are usually bound by habits and if you make it a habit to publish every Tuesday, people will make a habit to visit every Tuesday.

TWO: Stick to What You Know
If your blog is about fly fishing, then people will come to your site looking for articles on fly fishing. If they come and find you writing about cake decorating, they will feel let down. Stick with what you know and write about the subject of your blog. This will keep readers interested and they will develop a little community around you. You will become their water-cooler.

THREE: Use Attractive Titles
Try to have titles which draw people in. Say what you mean, but also keep people guessing. It is a good idea to ask a question in your title which gets answered in your post.

FOUR: Converse with your Audience
When people leave comments, make sure that you reply. Even if you just wanted to thank them for taking the time or have something else to say, it makes people feel special to see a reply. They will certainly come back if you answer their comments.

FIVE: Draw attention to the good stuff
If you have written a particularly good article on fly fishing, then don’t let it get lost among the older articles. Have a link to it on your front page. Keep a space in your blog for links like these.

SIX: Make Your Blog User-Friendly
Make sure that people can find what they want on your website. Get into the habit of providing good navigational links throughout. Always make sure people can get back to your front page.

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