Thursday, October 15, 2009

So Why Should People Buy Your Product?

There are many reasons for people buying things on the internet. To be able to make an online business profitable in the world, knowing the reasons for people to purchase anything makes selling an easier. The concept is basic and very simple. Take the buying reasons and create a marketing plan based on the practices of people.

The reasons are explained giving details for each reason. This understanding will be beneficial to any businesspersons who always think of how to make money with their online business. Different people have different reasons to purchase things, and those reasons can change depending on their mood or mindset.

The first reason people buy things is “basic needs.” An example of this is clothing. Everyone needs to have clothes. The need to acquire clothing to wear to work or during other times of the day means having a closet full of different styles of clothes to fit the needs of different times and occasions. Another example is computer supplies for use in the office or at home. Needing these supplies and items, each person buys things to make life easier.

The second reason people buy is “convenience.” People buy anything they feel will make life easier to live. An example is a cell phone, which allows the person to take the portable phone anywhere with them to communicate with the world. Look at the number of people today that have cell phones compared to the number about ten years ago. The cell phone has managed to become an everyday item people have no matter who they are or what kind of income they have.

The third reason people buy is “peace of mind.” Different items can give people a sense of security or safety. An example of an item is a home security system. People feel safer at home knowing they have the security system that will directly contact the police or the fire department. The monitoring service with the home security service will also contact the homeowner if an alert is given. This security makes a lot of people feel safer.

The fourth reason people buy is “personal image or ego.” People are vain. They will not always admit it yet just complement or comment on something they have or are wearing and watch their reaction. They will glow or shine with each comment. Everyone wants people to notice they are different or have something nice. Think about the person who has the BMW or Lexus. Nice cars but also a status symbol in the world stating this person has money or is prestigious.

The fifth reason people buy is “entertainment.” People need to have entertainment in their lives to relieve stress from the every grind of life. To have fun and enjoy life means all of the other stressful and difficult issues are easier to deal with. An example of this is concerts, sporting events, and dining out. All are a means of having entertainment in people’s lives. Different people want different ways to be entertained.

To narrow down the options to create internet businesses, the entrepreneur needs to focus of the needs and demands of the customer. Make the service or product a “must have” and the sales will shoot through the roof.

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