Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Get Paid for Answering Questions

Guest post by Zamir

Get paid for answering questions are a good way of making money online by working at home. It contains sharing knowledge about the subject like English grammar, business, finance, accounting, computer engineering, medicine or topic like blogging, make money online, traffic building, website promotion etc in which you are knowledgeable about and giving advice to people who ask for it.

How does that work? Companies who pay you for answering questions are aware of the fact that if the company have experts in different areas answering all the questions from potential customers then company name will grow.

It’s very useful to people who have good knowledge about a field. It’s advisable to pick only that area in which you have complete knowledge. The more areas you know the more you can earn. The amount of money that you will get from the company will depend on your field or subject and your potential.

There are quite a few get paid for answering questions sites and ExpertBee is one of them.

ExpertBee pays experts for answering questions. Here's how to get started. Visit Experbee and on New User Registration Page , enter a username, password and email address to get registered free. Then using your username and password logon and write your expert profile containing your educational qualification and fields, topics or subjects in which you are interested in to give answers.

Whenever a question related your chosen field or subject is asked by an Expertbee user then it will be directed to your inbox. The mail will contain the question and amount of money you can earn by answering that question. You have to bid your price for that question meaning you have to pick how much you want to get paid for answering that question. Its wise to bid relatively less if you are new expert because the same question will also be directed to some other experts also that are related to your field and they give their bids also. Now its up to the expert bee user to decide which expert he/she wants to hire for giving his/her answer. Who ever is picked by Expertbee user will get paid.

Expertbee user will pay Expertbee and Expertbee will pay you $0.60+20% of the bid price. If you get a question which you are not able to answer then you can skip that question for other experts to answer. The more questions you win and give right answers the more good reputation you earn. Experts with good reputation can set their bid price for answering a question very high and if they are picked then they earn quite handsome amount of money for answering a question. Good thing about it is that there is no specific location or age requirement to be an ExpertBee expert and give answers.

So if you have good knowledge about a particular field or topic then you can earn good money online by answering questions in this Get Paid for Answering Questions Websites.

Author Bio:
Zamir is an MBA (finance) graduate. He loves writing useful blogs for bloggers. His blogs give useful information to people about new money making opportunities from websites and blogs. His blogs can be found at Make Money Online the Easy Way. He writes on topics such as Online Money Making Opportunities,Backlinks, SEO, Page Rank,Blog Traffic,Money From Blogs etc.

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