Saturday, November 28, 2009

How to Do Affiliate Marketing with Help of Your Blog

Guest Post by Gagandeep Singh

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most effective ways to monetize your Blog traffic and earn a good amount online. But like everything it is not a easy job and requires hard work and patience before it starts paying back. Below are the few basic tips which would help you to start in Affiliate marketing or if you are already in to Affiliate Marketing you can use this tips to take your marketing campaign up to next level.

Analyze Your Readership: - Before Promoting an affiliate campaign you should analyze the type of traffic you are getting. Either most of the people visit your blog just for information? At what stage of Buying Cycles they are? What kind of posts people prefer to read more on your blog? What Content your Blog has? Whether your Blog contains only Information articles or You Blog about latest products which can influent people to buy them?

Selecting Products to Promote: - The success and failure of your affiliate marketing campaign would depend on your selection of Affiliate Program. Before selecting a program you need to understand what your readers are looking for, what is the Quality of products you are going to promote, what would be the Impact on your Blog Readership if you promote a product, what is the location of your readers in case you are going to promote a tangible product? Choose Product and Companies which have good reputation.

Be Genuine: - Be Honest and Genuine about the product you are promoting. Tell both pros and Cons of the product so that your reader can take a correct decision according to his/her Requirements. Your Reader comes on your blog because they have level of trust for you. So Respect that Trust and give genuine recommendations about the Product.

Positioning of Ads: - Place your ads and banners at the Left Hand side or at the Top of your Blog So That it could be easily visible to your readers. You can also try contextual deep link strategy on your Blog. Put the links to sales pages between the relevant articles. When a user see your ad in relevant article he would be more likely to click your ad than if he saw your ad at any other place.

Promote Multiple Products: - Don’t put all your efforts in single Product. Select Multiple Products for your Readers and promote them. At the same time don’t fill your blog with affiliate ads that you can’t give proper attention even to single product.

Traffic: - When it comes to earn online Traffic is also an important factor. Don’t focus only on promoting campaigns but also focus on improving your blog readership. You can also use Social Media websites like Youtube, twitter, Facebook etc to improve your traffic level. More the traffic you get more your affiliate links would be seen.

Patience: - It takes lot of time and Hard Work to see Effective Results in Affiliate Marketing. You won’t be seeing any Results (or very little) for first few months. So you need to be patient and continue the good Work.

Track Results: - Each Affiliate program gives you a facility to Track results. Compare results of each Program you are promoting. These Results would help you to understand which program converts better than others. Leave the low performing products and scale up your sales with Remaining.

Author Bio:
Gagandeep Singh is a freelance writer who mainly writes on Landing Page Design and Testing, Affiliate Marketing, SEO and Technology. Feel Free to Check my Landing Page Blog.

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