Monday, November 2, 2009

Seven Powerful Tips for Affiliate Marketers

Guest Post by Dante Valentino

Affiliate marketing is a very interesting topic. Many people perceive it to be very easy but the fact is that it takes time and effort just like any other kind of business. It really gets lost in translation because of the many successful affiliates who are already making tons of money and showing you their Clickbank screenshots saying how easy it is. When in reality most of them had to pay their dues to become successful and that is what it's all about.

The truth about affiliate marketing is that as easy as it is compared to other kinds of businesses it really does require hard work. So follow these seven tips to ease it up a little.

1) Pick a plan and stick with it. Actually writing down a solid action plan can get you more focused rather than just going at it blindly. There are so many different affiliate strategies that you can easily get lost, so having a plan will keep your thoughts organized and be more effective in the long run.

2) Lose the "Go big or don't go at all" ego. I had this problem when I was starting out. When I built my first website I targeted a popular keyword term that I thought I could get high rankings for on the search engines but it was nearly impossible trying to beat the competition. So the point is to start off small with less competitive keywords. Remember that you need to learn how to make a hundred dollars before learning to make a thousand and so on.

3) Do thorough research. There is a lot of research involved with marketing alone. In this case there is keyword research, niche research, and even research on a topic you don't know much about. But doing a thorough job of researching is crucial because you will be basing your business on that research. So it is always a great idea to dig deep down in the keyword tools to find a profitable keyword with low competition or see how competitive the sites are that rank under a keyword you got in mind.

4) Don't sell, recommend. Preselling can be tricky because what people really like is recommendations. Not hard sells. The hard selling of a product is taken care of on the sales page. So your job as an affiliate is to "warm up" the customer by giving an honest recommendation and explaining why.

5) Don't put all your eggs in one basket. It is more efficient to spread out your business like a monopoly. That way if one of your campaigns fail then at least you will have other streams of income. Try setting up several sites in different niches. Or if PPC is more your thing then set up more ads and landing pages.

6) Training programs can really help. Success can be reached much faster by following the advice of someone who has went through the process of trial and error. Learning on your own is usually the hard way but following a proven system by an expert is much easier and less frustrating. Having actual support where you can ask questions is a very big plus in an affiliate training program.

7) Don't stop learning. This sort of relates to the last one because many affiliates have bought more than one training program. That is not a bad thing because each product was created by a different marketer and therefore has different strategies and content. But going on websites and learning everything you can about all sorts of topics like SEO is essential for your success. I am always reading different ebooks or blog posts to broaden my knowledge of affiliate marketing and making money online and it really gets my mind going.
Just remember that it takes practice to really master affiliate marketing. The more dedicated you are to your affiliate business the greater the outcome.

Author Bio
My name is Dante. I am an experienced affiliate marketer who has succeeded online. You can check out my blog full of affiliate strategies where I would be happy to help out and answer any questions. Cheers!

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