Sunday, November 1, 2009

How to Make Money Doing Nothing

Guest Post by Simone M

I like easy money. I hear You: "Who doesn't like easy money?" Exactly. Like I already wrote, there are some certain ways to make money doing nothing, but that isn't actualy 'nothing' it is more like something to be done initially maybe in week or month and then after some time look money that comes into your pockets. So to be clear when i teach you how to make money from nothing, I mean without any (money) investment, just some of Your initial work and patience, and of course knowledge of what You are doing at all.

Today I will explain you one of my favorite ways for making easy money that i using for years, which will take You 15-20 days to start, and then just need to wait month of two to see some great results. When I say great I mean on great incomes of course. This You gonna love, it involves some other peoples who actually works for You.

This method is related with affiliate programs. I will explain using one example, but just be creative and You will find that You can do this in various programs with various type of companies that offer affiliate and sub affiliate programs. This is one of ways that I am like I said using for years and this one makes me $1.500-$2.000 monthly and I do not work anything, actually sometime I totally forgot on this until I receive accurately monthly check :) Ok, this is a joke, I don't forget any source of my incomes no matter is it makes me $10 or $10.000.

As example I will take some good adult affiliate program which give You option to get your percent or few bucks for every new member that came using Your affiliate link and also offers You that You can bring new affiliates and have lifetime % from their commission, this second is crucial. For example that is AFF program (use Google and You will find what I am talking about.) When I signed few years ago, I put some banners on my sites, sent some mail, but all that was tight in first month, so I thought 'no money there'. But... One day when I loged in I sow that this programs offers 10% of lifetime earnings of affiliates who I bring into program. That sounds good, better than $1 that I received every time when some member sign in for service as free member with my affiliate link. Ok, I thought, first month I made about $120 sending mails, putting some banners on my sites,and using some other methods to attract people to sign under my link, it was like I said very 'tight, but I came into idea. If I found 100 people and lear them how I am making $120 monthly with only condition, to sign as affiliates for same service under my account, I will have 100 x (10% from 120 is 12) = $1200 passive income. Well,well, this is not bad. Actually what happens if I find 500 peoples and this same, it would be about $6000. Oh, this is even better You will agree.

So I decided to take 2 weeks working on this project on this way: I will create small site, and small brochure in PDF, where I will explain what i am doing to make those crappy $120 monthly, but someone who has more motivation can make $300-$400 maybe $500, and after signing as my sub-affiliate I will give them this for free. So I done all of this and started visiting forums leaving posts that sounds something like: "contact me and i will give You free method to make $150 - $200 monthly." That was the whole truth, in todays world people selling ebooks and similar stuffs and makes money but those who buying those books don't really make any money, because most of those methods and 'lessons' simply don't work, work only for authors to make some quick money. Reaction on this was great, there are some skeptical people, but today we are in contact because some of them become even my friends. So, I had great free ebook that people need just to read and start working, with real and 'live' money making method, I didn't ask money for that ebook, just to sign under me and to earn my 10% from their lifetime earnings. Obviously people trusted to this, because it was my goal to learn them to make some money because that is the only way to get my 10%. Affiliate program didn't offer me any money for attracting new sub-affiliates, just commission on their earnings.

Almost 3 years latter, or in other words today, I am making $1.500-$2.000, and that amount slowly increases each month, others work for me, I that money are just those 10% of mine. Some new people still coming on my site and fill the form to contact them with sample of my free ebook for making money in affiliate marketing, I am sending them after they sign under my affiliate link, and everything is perfect for all of us.

Conclusion is: Invest some time, don't expecting big bucks in first days, play slowly and smartly and I will make money doing nothing permanently!

Author Bio:
Simone M. explore techniques to make money doing nothing for past 5 years and he is always happy to help others to start making money on Internet on easier way.

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