Monday, June 28, 2010

A Primer for Making Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

Guest post by Paul McCarthy

Making money online is a dream for many people – the freedom to choose when and where to work, the stupidly high incomes that are achievable and “set and forget” nature of the business is attractive to many people – myself included.

The problem is, nobody really tells you how to achieve high incomes online – the reality is they just want your money. So, in this article, I'm going to tell you what you must do if you want to build a sustainable online business working from home.

Quickly, before I get into the meat and potatoes of this post, let me just quickly tell you a bit about me...

Just a year ago I started out trying to make money online and I found nothing but a whole load of misinformation and predators! Predators being the people who sold you products on a get rich quick pipe dream. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

Thankfully, through hard work and sheer bloody-mindedness I managed to piece together the pieces of the make money online jigsaw. And here I am today, working from home earning a decent full time income and enjoying every second of it. And my goal – to teach others the correct way to making money online.

So, How Do You Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing?

For those of you who don't know, affiliate marketing is the name for selling other people's products online for commission. In short, if you refer customers and they make a purchase then you'll receive a percentage of the sales.

I want to tell you the strategy to making money online. This strategy works for me time and time again and it will work for you too.

1 – Find a Niche

The first thing you must do is a find a niche. What do I mean by this? Well, simply, you need to become an expert in a certain area. That area could be how to clear acne, how to build muscle, hair loss prevention or even losing weight.

The secret to finding a niche is to find a problem that a large number of people have and don't yet know where to find the answer. Not only that, but you also need to do market research to make sure that they are willing to pay to have that problem solved for them.

2 – Build a Web Site

I know this may seem impossible now, but building a web site isn't actually very difficult at all! You simply need a one page web site in your niche that offers something valuable to your visitors. The reason you need something valuable is because you're going to be giving away something free in order to....And this brings me onto the third point....

3 – Capture the Names and Email Addresses of Visitors

That's right – you must build your list. And this is truly fundamental and something that many people overlook. You need to make sure that you capture your names and email addresses into something called an autoresponder.

4 – Build a Relationship with Your List

Let me ask you a quick question. Who do you listen to more...The advice of your friends or the advice of a stranger? If you're anything like me then you will listen to your friends of course! Well, that's why it is now important to build a relationship with the people that are on your list...And that means sending them emails that are packed with valuable information – information that they are truly thankful for. It won't be long before you start getting a name for yourself and people see you as the expert.

5 – Promote to your list

You're now at the point where you can promote to your list. You are now at the stage where you can recommend products to your list to help them solve their problems. And, of course, when a sale is made, you make money.

The Great Thing About This is....

Once you've set it all up, you can forget about it. It's called the money making “system” or the profit funnel. Once it's all set up, the only thing you have to worry about is driving enough traffic to it! And, of course, if you've set your profit funnel up in a good way then you should be able to drive a decent amount of traffic from paid sources as well as just free sources because you'll simply pay less than you make for each visitor.

I know this may seem a little overwhelming at the moment, but let me just tell you that what I've just taught you here is the fundamentals to making money online.

Author Bio:
My name's Paul McCarthy...And I hope you enjoyed and got some benefit from reading this article about making money online.

Now, if you want somebody to show you each and every step in great detail and tell you exactly how to make money online, then you should sign up at my page here: and I'll teach you personally myself, for free.

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