Friday, June 18, 2010

Need a Logo for Your Online Business?

Whatever online business you want to start on the Internet to make money, you'll need a logo. A logo will help branding for your online business. When running an online business, you certainly want your potential customers to know the existence of your e-company or online store; also you want them to remember it. Your logo will play an important role on this.

Moreover, if you are providing good quality of product or service to the customers constantly. Gradually your logo will become a brand of trust or a brand of quality in people mind. More and more people will recommend your company by words of mouth or by online recommendation. This is a free promotion that will boost up your sales and profit.

It is easy to have a logo created for your online business because the Internet has a lot of logo design services. You can get logo just below $40. There are many sites offering such a low cost service. But believe if you use them, you are going to regret. You probably get a poor design logo that you wouldn't want to use it. Logo designers are a lot but finding a logo designer that can really provide quality and professional logo design service will take you some time.

There is one quality logo design company that you can count on when it comes finding a professional logo designing service. It is Logobee is an award winning logo design company. It has been in business since year 2000. With 10 years logo design service provided, Logobee is now a reputable logo design company.

What are the custom logo services Logobee can give you?

Logobee has a team of talented logo designers in different backgrounds and age groups. Whatever business you are running online, Logobee will make sure they find the most suitable designers to create company logo that matches your preference. In fact the team of designers in Logobee will come up 6 logo design samples for you to decide and choose the best one for your business.

5 days turnover time. Logobee will complete the work for you in 5 business day. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the logo, you can request for modification up to 6 times.

Pricing. How much Logobee is going to charge you? Their custom logo design service start from $199. With $199, you’ll get a professional and creative logo. If you like to have more design and features, then the price will be higher.

Money Back Guarantee. If you are ordering a silver pack ($279) or higher, you are given the option to request a refund of your purchase.

Here are some logo samples of Logobee:

Logobee is reputable in the industry because they always provide satisfying service to their clients. Many clients are giving logo design review and testimonial on Logobee design service. You can read about them and see the previous logos that Logobee has created for their clients on

Make Money with Logobee
If you run a webmaster or web design or logo design related site, Logobee can be your extra source of revenue. Logobee invites web publishers to join the affiliate program to provide their logo design services on the Internet. They provides banner ads, text links and other marketing materials that you can use to promote Logobee and earn affiliate commission. Logobee pays $20 for Each customer you refer.

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