Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fortitude - A New Online Money Making Opportunity for People Who like to Write

The Internet is going to have a new online magazine. Fortitude is set to be launched on 7th June. Fortitude is really a new concept. It is a magazine for the people, by the people. It means all the content and pieces published on Fortitude are sourced from the users or members of Fortitude.

The users of Fortitude can be you or me. Anyone can join the Fortitude content community. By becoming a member of Fortitude, you can contribute as many content and pieces in any topic as you want to Fortitude. Other members in the community Fortitude will review your content. If your content gets good reviews, then it will publish on the homepage of Fortitude. Also, as a member of the Fortitude, you too can review content and pieces of other members.

There is no editorial and publishing department in the Fortitude. All content of this online magazine are user-generated with a review system to make sure the best content are featuring on the front page of Fortitude.

If you have been writing on the Internet for a while or haven't contributing anything on the Internet but enjoying writing, then you can try writing for Fortitude. Fortitude is paying members for contributing content. They pay 10.00 ~ $100.00 for each piece or article published on their Front Page.

Any content can be submitted. It can be an article, a short story, an essay, or even a rant. Also any topic is acceptable as long as the content is family-friendly. Originality and unique are important. Make sure that you are submitting something that was really created by you and hasn't been published on anywhere.

Besides publishing pieces, you are also getting paid for reviewing other members' works and pieces. The review process is simple and straight-forward. You read the entire piece of the member and based on your own judgment, select a score of 1 - 10 and your review is completed. Each review you’ve done will earn you $0.02.

Fortitude is now opened for people to sign up. If you want to try this opportunity, visit http://fo.rtitu.de now to apply for an account. You can publishing and reviewing content starting 7th Jun then.

Is Fortitude free to join?

I believe the owner of Fortitude, Nick Oba wants to make his online magazine site complete free to the users and members. But as the site is new, Nick needs to charge a little membership fee to ensure the development and growth of the site. It's just $1.99 per month to become a member of Fortitude to contribute and review content.

The charge is also set to avoid spam issue like people try to create duplicate account and Fortitude is going to need some money to fund his affiliate program for expanding the member community of Fortitude quickly.

The Affiliate Program of Fortitude is Free

Signing up for a full account in Fortitude costs $1.99 per month but if you just want to take part in the affiliate program, you can just sign up for a Scout Account (affiliate account) completely free to promote Fortitude and earn commission.

Fortitude is offering quite a favorable commission to their affiliates. They are paying $20 for each new paid member that is referred by you. Paid member is the member who pays the $1.99 subscription fee to open a full account at Fortitude. The Fortitude affiliate program is new, but Nick is already added a bunch of appealing banner ads where you can use to promote Fortitude and earn affiliate commission.

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