Friday, June 11, 2010

Amazon Affiliates... Where Do I Start?

Becoming an Amazon affiliate is a cool way to make money online. This is easy and does not require too much work. All you need is to have a website or a web blog to advertise Amazon’s products, Amazon pays you for that. is an online shop with a wide range of products from books to electronics, making it one of the best sites to link your shoppers to. What even makes it better is that Amazon is well known and trusted by those who shop online.

Becoming an Amazon Affiliate:

Get your own website or weblog. A good website or weblog is the starting point for becoming an Amazon affiliate. Having interesting content on your blog will be an added advantage, as this will attract a lot of visitors to your site. The content of your site must also be original and not plagiarized material.

The next step is to create an account, or login if you already have one. You need to be registered on Amazon to become an Amazon affiliate. Please be sure to enter your true details, as this will be for your own good. Most people who enter information on online forms either give false or partially true information. When you are logged in to, click on “Join Associates”. This can be found on the left side of the home page.

Fill out the form provided with all the information requested. Be sure to provide true information here too and submit the application. It usually takes Amazon 24 hours to respond to “Join Associates” requests, so sit and wait for the response.

Amazon will send you all necessary information regarding the status of your request. If your request was approved, they will send you links to place on your site so customers can order products from Amazon.

From Amazon's inventory, choose the books and materials you would like to offer for sale to visitors of your site. Send this information to Amazon, and place a link to on your site. They will send you reports and data on activities from your site periodically. You need to save these reports to keep track of your earnings.

Becoming an Amazon affiliate is as easy as that and does not cost you anything to register. Once you registered for one website or blog, you will be able to add the links to other websites you create without having to register again. When registering read all the contract terms and conditions carefully and make sure you agree with each of them before you proceed.

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