Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Launch an Online Business and Make Money without Internet Marketing Knowledge and Skill

What do you need to do to start making money on the Internet with an online business? The answer is quite a lot of things you need to do. Here is a list of must-do things to start off your Internet money making venture:

• Conduct keyword research to find a profitable niche
• Check the competition to make sure the niche isn't saturated
• Build a website and blog (a lot of technical stuff to deal with)
• Write content and articles for your sites
• Register for a domain name and hosting service to launch your business website
• Optimize your sites for getting the best result
• Generate targeted traffic for your sites

Looking at the above works, it seems that you are going to need to take weeks of time to learn and understand all the stuff before you can move forward to set up and launch you own profitable online business. And during the online business set up, if any step goes wrong, your online business could end up launched in an ineffective manner which will lead to failure then.

However with a business-in-a-box service, you aren't going to face any obstacles. A business-in-a-box package will build everything for you. So you can be certain that your own online business and website are launched successfully; and traffic will be directed to your website to generate income for you.

So where to find a program that offers complete business-in-a-box service?

Niche Website Builders is a program that worth trying if you need a complete business-in-a-box service. Niche Website Builders provides a great solution to beginners and inexperienced e-entrepreneurs who want to build their own business on the Internet. When they say they are giving 'complete' business-in-a-box service, they mean it. They will do all the stuff for you. Keyword research, website building, web hosting, website optimization and even marketing and traffic-generation; all will be handled by Niche Website Builders. You just need to give your AdSense ID and affiliate network IDs (Clickbank, CJ, etc) to have your AdSense and affiliate ads placed on your niche websites.

Your AdSense and affiliate ads will produce income from the traffic generated by the team of Niche Website Builders. Yes they will work on marketing for your niche sites so that you sites will get traffic and earn ad revenue. But to make the most out of your niche websites, you can take part in marketing and traffic-building as well.

If this complete business-in-box service is what you need, you can immediately subscribe for the platinum membership in Niche Website Builders. Or if you like to learn more about the platinum membership service, you can visit http://www.nichewebsitebuilders.com/platinum.

What about the Quality?

OK these days, you might have seen a lot of niche websites built easily. But I can tell you that many of the niche websites are lacking of quality. These sites are poorly optimized and all the content is duplicated and offering no value to the visitors. These sites are not going to make money.

Niche Website Builders will not give you these low quality niche sites. Thomas C. Gajdjis is the guy who behind this program. He has built websites since 2003. He is very experienced in building SEO optimized niche websites. All the websites will contain unique content focus on a profitable niche. Thomas has a team of people to work for you. After they have built and launched a niche website for you, their job doesn't end there. They will continue to build links and generate traffic for your niche website to profit online.

Niche Website Builders offers non-membership packages also!

The platinum membership level described above is the highest membership which will provide a complete solution for you to start an online business to make money. This membership is designed for the beginners as well as professionals who simply don't have the time to do all the time consuming work required to get an internet business going.

If you are an experienced webmaster and Internet marketer or simply someone who wants to buy sites that are setup for you, one of the below packages might fit your needs:

Gold Level Websites - This type of website package is also offering complete service but you choose how many sites you want when you want them.

Silver Level Websites - Another website offering but less marketing than the gold level.

Bronze Level Websites - In this level, you'll get your niche website and all other necessary things fully set up. But Niche Website Builders will not do marketing for your niche site. You have to put in your own effort to generate traffic and income.

All levels come with 12 months of free hosting on their dedicated server. Platinum members also get their own dedicated IP address.

Check out Niche Website Builders

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